Recycle Books

Recycle Books

WeBuyBooks offers a great way to recycle books from the comfort of your living room or student halls and it couldn’t be any easier. Get cash for the books you no longer want or need using our hassle free service.

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We love all books, but some of the most in-demand books are textbooks, cookbooks, art books, architecture books, business books, photography books, finance books and law books.

Got any of that that you don’t want, need or use? Then send them to us!

Make sure you check out the WeBuyBooks Hotlist to see which books, CDs, DVDs and games are on our most wanted list.

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Our recycling pledge

You can sell books from hundreds of genres with We Buy Books, such as fiction and non-fiction, school textbooks, university textbooks, and CDs, games and DVDs. But sometimes, we receive books that don’t meet our condition guidelines, and if they don’t meet our criteria, we can’t accept them.

We pledge to recycle your books if we can’t accept them, so you can still feel positive because you’re contributing to a positive cause. And if you don’t want us to recycle your books, we’ll return them (postage not included).

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Item condition guidelines

While we’d love to help you recycle all your old books we can’t accept books with any of the following defects: tears to the cover, missing or loose pages, damage to the binding, fire or smoke damage, water damage or badly stained. It (quite literally) pays to look after your books folks! Check out our Item Condition Guidelines for a full list of the defects we don’t accept.

Still need more information on how to recycle books? Then head over to our Guru Guide and discover everything you need to know about recycling your books. Our guides will provide you with loads of handy tips to help you to make as much money as possible

Sell My Items

Helpful guides and advice on selling your books

Want to know how to get more bang for your book? Looking for our item condition guidelines? Then you're in the right place

For more information on how to make money and recycle books at the same time feel free to give our customer care team a call on 01706 248281. If you’ve recently used our service to recycle books and you’d like to give us some feedback head over to Facebook or Twitter.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can put books in your recycling bin, but they won’t be recycled. The glue, string and other elements that bind books together aren’t recyclable, so most books don’t end up being recycled unless you can source a specialist recycler. As an alternative, you can use We Buy Books to sell your unwanted books and make some money in the process. Visit our website or download the app and get an instant cash valuation.

You can donate books to your local library, but it’s worth checking if you can make some money from them before you do it. We Buy Books will give you an instant cash price for your books; you can decide whether to accept our offer and send your books to us for FREE. Once we’ve received and checked your books, we’ll pay you the next day. And if we can’t take some of your books, donate them to your local library!

Once you’ve accepted our offer, you can print your free postage label at home, or we can send you one. All you need to do is label your boxes and send them via Hermes or take them to a drop-off point.

Not only will WeBuyBooks pick up your books from your doorstep, but we’ll also pay you for the privilege! All you have to do is scan the barcode on our app or enter your ISBN number on our website and get an instant cash price for your books. Once you’re happy, we’ll come and collect them from your doorstep. We’ll take them to our depot and pay you the following day. You won’t have to move a muscle!

We buy your books and sell them on, to give them a second home. You get paid; we keep books in circulation, so they don’t go into landfill or recycling, and someone else gets the pleasure of reading the books you don’t want.
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